We are pleased to offer a variety of extra-curricular programs at Trivium Prep.  Enrichment courses are varied to not only develop the mental, but also physical growth of the individual.  Instruction is offered before school, after school, and during Lyceum.  These activities aim to foster self-confidence, social interaction, creative expression, and imagination. Please view our offerings below.

  • For questions about Extra-curricular Enrichment Courses or Registration/Payment Questions, please email Ms. Bradshaw at jbradshaw@triviumprep.org.
  • For questions about the Academia Studio program, please email Mr. Simmons at dsimmons@triviumprep.org.

2022-23 Enrichment Courses:

Registration for after-school Spring Enrichment Courses will open on Friday, December 9 at 4 PM. Follow the link below for course descriptions and details Current year-long courses will continue in the spring and do not require re-registration. Registration is offered on a first come, first served basis.

Registration will be open December 9-January 6 for the following courses:

  • Musical Theater Cast/Crew (Grades 6-12)
  • Astronomy (7-12)
  • Photography (9-12)

Register for Spring Enrichment Courses

 Fall/Year-long Offerings include:

  • Birding and Wildlife Course (9-12)
  • Choir (6-12)
  • Creative Writing (6-12)
  • Crochet (6-12)
  • Envirothon (9-12)
  • Film (9-12)
  • Friday Knight Dice (9-12)
  • Future Health Professionals (9-12)
  • Junior Classical League (6-12)
  • Knights of Game-A-Lot (6-8 and 9-12)
  • Mock Trial (9-12)
  • Musical Theater Cast (6-12)
  • Musical Theater Crew  (6-12)
  • Robotics (6-8 and 9-12)
  • Sewing (6-12)
  • Trivium Service Organization (9-12)
Enrichment courses

View the Fall 2022/Year-long Course Catalog

Academia Studio (formerly Homework Club):

Academia Studio is offered after-school Monday-Friday until 5pm, except on half days and holidays.

Academia Studio provides scholars with a safe and structured environment after school to continue their studies, get a head start on homework, attend tutoring, and foster positive relationships in a supportive environment. We hope to create lifelong learners with the opportunity to build strong foundations in core subjects.

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When picking up your Prep scholar, please text 623-738-5041 stating the student’s full name and they will be sent to the Prep pick-up zone on the south side of campus.