Trivium Prep Administrative Team

Heidi Vasiloff


Dan Schutten

High School Assistant Headmaster

Angie Heppner

Middle School Assistant Headmaster

Michael Johnson

Dean of Students

Corey Grable

Dean of Students

Stephanie Ochoa

Dean of Students

Chad Ryan

High School Dean of Academics

Janna Willingham

Dean of Operations and Middle School Academic Dean

Jenna Schutten

Office Manager

Jodi Pfunder

Assistant Office Manager

Laura Turner

Front Office/Attendance

Erika Anderson


Ava Cornelius

Nurse, RN | Great Hearts Director of Nursing

Hannah Andrade

Health Assistant

Matt Akins

Athletics Director

Michael Spencer

Assistant Athletics Director

Annann Hong

Academy Giving Manager

Brandie Gray

Academy Giving Assistant

Brienne McDonald


Kelly Boerckel

School Counselor

Susan Danahy

ESS Regional Coordinator

Marie Hager

ESS Coordinator

Gwen Headley

ESS Coordinator

Kelly Briggs

ESS Coordinator

Mindy Brinker

504 Coordinator

Jennifer Luque

Director of College Counseling

Kathy Jenkins

College Counselor

Judi Jacobs

College Counseling Assistant

Jodi Tinker


Stephanie Ochoa

After-School Clubs Director

Paul Boggs


Trivium Prep 2020-21 Faculty

Myriam Acherbo-Eberenz

9th, 12th Spanish

Patty Acosta

10th Spanish

Jenna Allen

6th Lit/Comp, History

Kaila Allen

8th Lit/Comp, 10th Humane Letters

Faustina Anakwah

10th, 11th Math

Christen Arbogast

6th Lit/Comp, History

Joshua Arbogast

6th Lit/Comp, History

Zachariah Arriaga

11th, 12th Science

Pawel Bendisz

11th, 12th Art

Jennifer Boyett

7th, 8th Science

Kelly Briggs

8th, 9th Math, 10th Science

Mindy Brinker

10th Science

Kimberly Carr

11th, 12th Math

Todd Carr

7th Math

Brandon Collins

6th Lit/Comp, History, 9th Humane Letters

Andrew Dell

7th, 8th, 9th Music

Nayrel Dell

6th Music

Thomas DePauw

7th, 9th Latin

Alexander Dubois

7th, 8th, 10th Music

Amanda (Ellis) McArtor

6th Science

Bo Faser

10th Math

William Fausett

7th, 8th History

Vanessa Gagliuffi

11th Spanish

David Goldsberry

6th, 8th Math

Corey Grable

10th Humane Letters

Kaylene Graham

9th Poetry, 11th, 12th Humane Letters

Richard Graham

9th Humane Letters

Andrea Hamilton

12th Spanish

Eric Haney

9th Math, 12th Logic & Coding

Aurélie (Chabaud) Harker

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th French

Ian Heisler

8th Lit/Comp, 9th Poetry

Angie Heppner

8th Lit/Comp, History

Michael Johnson

9th Science

Paul Johnson

6th Latin, 7th, 8th History

Natalie Jordan

10th Economics, 11th Science

Sarah Joseph

7th, 8th, 9th Music

Anne Kanim

9th Math

Amy Lively

9th Humane Letters, 12th American Rhetoric

Jennifer Lorenz

7th, 8th Lit/Comp

James Manion

7th History, 10th Humane Letters

Ann Marshall

7th Lit/Comp

Ren Martin

6th, 11th Art

Donette McCartney

9th, 10th Spanish

Mandy Moore

ESS Assistant

Amanda Myers

10th Latin, 11th, 12th Greek, 11th Drama

Phillip Myers

8th History, 10th Humane Letters

Bertha Naa Dei Neequaye

7th, 10th, 11th Math

Daylin Oakes

6th, 8th Latin

Stephanie Ochoa

6th Math

Malissa Page

6th Math, 9th Science

Jeremy Pelletier

7th, 8th Art

Tanya Perkins

6th Science

Alex Richards

10th, 12th Humane Letters

Chad Ryan

11th Humane Letters, 12th American Rhetoric

Megan Ryan

9th Humane Letters

Carl Sauder

11th, 12th Humane Letters

Gabrielle Saurette

11th, 12th Humane Letters

Skeet Schmella

11th, 12th Drama

Dan Schutten

11th Science

Joseph Sears

8th, 10th Math

Thomas Shalloe

9th-12th Spanish

Dorion Simmons

7th, 10th Science

Justin Solis

10th, 11th Humane Letters

Michael Spencer

11th Math

Jake Thomas

6th Physical Education

Paul Tipton

11th Humane Letters

Sebastian Tobler

6th, 8th Latin

Brett Velez

6th Math, 7th Science

Josette Velez

8th Science

Tammy Weiss

High School Humane Letters

Amy West

6th Art

T.J. Willis

6th, 7th Latin

Tammie Zimmerman

9th Science, Agriscience/FFA

Andrew Zonoozi

7th Lit/Comp, 12th Humane Letters