School Library

Our school library will be available for use by both Archway Trivium West and Trivium Prep scholars. The book collection continues to grow organically — titles are acquired via grants or through donations from various agencies. Grants are either monetary, where we use the funds to buy books, or physical books donated by local city libraries. We will continue to add a variety of age-appropriate reading material for all scholars, both fiction and non-fiction. We also hope for the library to be a resource for the teachers, to aid their literature, history and science lessons.

The school is in the process of acquiring a collection management/scanning system. Once this system in place, our scholars will be able to check out books. During Archway Project Week a limited portion of the collection will be made available to students.

The library depends on the help of parent volunteers to run smoothly. For further information about the library, volunteer opportunities, or book donations, please contact our School Librarian, Jodi Tinker, at

Library Checkout

The library will be open for Trivium Prep students to check out books on select Tuesdays/Thursdays during Lyceum/Lunch.

Please review the Library Checkout Policies below and talk to your scholars about good stewardship of library books.

Library Checkout Policies

Parents may elect to “opt-out” their children from library checkout. Students will still be allowed to visit the library, but will not be allowed to check out books at the parent’s request.

View Library “Opt-Out” Form Here

Library Volunteers

Volunteering in our library is a great way to support Trivium Prep. Volunteers must have a current Raptor clearance and be trained in our library check out system to serve. Please contact our librarian, Jodi Tinker, for more information.

How Families Can Support the School Library

To make a monetary gift to the school library, please contact our Family Giving and Community Engagement Officer.