Distance Learning Resources

This page contains resources for Trivium Prep distance learning for the 2020-21 school year.

Trivium Prep students will use Google Classroom/Zoom for distance learning for the 2020-21 school year. More information to follow. A technology survey was sent in mid-July for families to indicate a need for a school-supplied laptop for distance learning. If you did not complete this survey, please email our Office Manager, Jenna Schutten, at jschutten@triviumprep.org.

Distance Learning Resources:

Quarter 1 Calendar:

  • August 10 – September 1: 100% Distance Learning (DL) for ALL students
  • Wednesday, September 2: In-Person Orientation for 6th Grade and New-to-Trivium Students
    • 6th Grade: Wednesday Early-Release School Hours (7:50am-1:30pm)
    • New-to-Trivium 7th-12th Grades: 7:50 AM-10:30 AM
    • All 6th Grade Continuing DL students and 7th-12th Grade classes will have Asynchronous (Independent Work) on this date.
  • Thursday, September 3: First Day of In-person Learning, 6th-12th Grades
    • Q1 Continuing Distance Learners begin following Concurrent Bell Schedule for Odd/Even Days (see below)

Distance Learning Key Terms:

Synchronous Learning is live, in-person classes held via Zoom meeting at a scheduled date/time. For Trivium Prep students, synchronous learning will take place Monday-Thursday from 8-11 AM, and during other scheduled tutoring times. Students must appear on-camera in uniform/dress code during synchronous learning.
Asynchronous Learning refers to independent student work assigned via Google classroom. Asynchronous learning gives students flexibility to complete work on their own.

September 2-October 2
Quarter 1 Concurrent Bell Schedule (In-person and Continuing Distance Learning):

Continuing Distance Learning Students will follow the Bell Schedule for their grade-level.

Click Here for a One-page Printable Schedule with Class Periods/Times by Grade Level

  • 6th-10th Grade Continuing DL Students will attend Synchronous (Live) Classes on Odd/Even days (i.e. Periods 1, 3, 5, 7 on Odd Days; Periods 2, 4, 6 on Even Days)
  • High School Language Classes will meet for Synchronous (Live) classes EVERY day, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Some days this will only be for a brief “check-in” before completing asynchronous assignments.
  • 11th-12th Grade Continuing DL Students will meet for Synchronous (Live) classes for EVERY period (1-6), EVERY day. Some days this will only be for a brief “check-in” before completing asynchronous assignments.
  • Unique/Blended Classes in Grades 6-10 may also meet for Synchronous (Live) classes every day. Teachers will communicate this to students when this is the case.
Continuing Distance Learning Students will follow the Bell Schedule for their grade-level.

Quarter 2 Changes to Distance Learning

Here are the changes to 6th-10th distance learning (11th and 12th grades/blended classes will remain the same): 
  1. Beginning in Quarter 2, Distance Learners will have only asynchronous lessons every Wednesday. The other days, they will follow the bell schedule and check in with every teacher, every day (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). The expectation is that two days per week will be longer lecture/seminar classes while the other two days will be shorter check-ins with the opportunity to ask questions. These days will vary by teacher.
  2. Art classes will change to have one synchronous (in-person) teaching session and one Zoom ‘office hour’ per week for students to ask questions.  The art curriculum will now focus more on project-based assignments.
  3. If you are selecting Distance Learning in Quarter 2, your student must login via Zoom every hour, every day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) to meet the mandatory attendance requirement. Zoom attendance with video turned on will be part of your student’s grade, so if they do not attend daily it will have a negative impact on their academic performance.
  4. For 6th-10th grade, Wednesday will be an asynchronous learning day for most classes with the expectation that assignments are completed through Google Classroom to get credit for attendance on this day.
  5. If choosing Distance Learning, you are committing to Trivium that you have the technology necessary for your student to be successful in this environment.
  6. If you have any questions, please contact the front office.
The school office is open by appointment only through September 1, 2020. Please call or email the front office to make an appointment.
Parents may email our school nurse, Ava Cornelius, at awilliams-cornelius@triviumprep.org with health office questions.
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